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Rich Media Stream

Stream Live Video/Audio from your event with synchronized PowerPoint Slides and other media such as standalone Video Roll-ins

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Media Security

Protect Your Live or On-demand Media with variety of security features, including but not limited to password, single-use random generated passcodes, or IP security

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VTC/VCU Service

Connect your Team using Our Video Conference Units and Video Bridges. Bring VIPs to your meeting LIVE via Video Conference Bridge

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Event IT Services

IT Support is essential for large events. Extending an existing network or creating a new one is part of the success, the rest is proper support.

Rampard Systems, Inc., has been involved in Events Services since 2006. Its founder, Armand Czapkowski, has been one of the pioneers of Live Webcasting technologies since 1998 - a time when Real Media was still one of the primary means of online streaming. Rampard's success is a derivative of its commitment.